Thursday, May 19th, 2022


VIDEO:The Newest Global Warming Scare-Coffee & Chocolate Will Disappear If We Do Nothing

FederalJacktube6 [youtube][/youtube]

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Video: We The Kings Says Claiming 9/11 Was an Inside Job Would Be Hypocritical & More to TIS-TV

TruthisScaryTV [youtube][/youtube] TIS catches up with Travis Clark from the rock band, WE THE KINGS as he talks conspiracies like Jesus' Tomb ...

VIDEOS: Occupy Field Updates From Los Angeles, CA & New Haven, CT

Los Angeles: YouTube [youtube][/youtube] Check out More LA Updates HERE: TheLastAnarchist69 Connecticut: YouTube [youtube][/youtube] More New Haven Updates HERE

Video: Martin Sheen on Non-Violent Activism as A Spiritual path.

ElephantJournal   [youtube][/youtube] Click over to 26:30 in. Another great part at 36:45 ——> end. “It’s a deeply spiritual experience. You do it non-violently. ...

Video: ‘Anarchy’ in America-Occupy Wall Street Spreads Nationwide

RussiaToday [youtube][/youtube] There's a heavy police presence on patrol in New York - as the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement against bank greed ...

Video: Afghanistan-Ten Years of Illegal Occupation

GlobalResearchTV [youtube][/youtube] On October 7, 2001, NATO began its invasion of Afghanistan. Ten years later, as the country descends into even greater ...

Video:Occupy Your City

bravenewfoundation [youtube][/youtube] People young and old are taking the streets to let our government and corporations know that we are a democracy ...

Video: Wall Street NYPD Officer-”My Little Nightstick’s Going to Get a Workout Tonight Hopefully”

FederalJacktube6 [youtube][/youtube]

Video: I Need a Dollar- Occupy Wall Street Anthem

YouTube [youtube][/youtube] "I Need A Dollar" (Occupy Wall Street) Michael Piffington X Joey AX

Video: Deepak Chopra interviewed by We Are Change at #OccupyWallStreet

wearechange [youtube][/youtube] Luke Rudkowski asks Deepak Chopra what he thinks meditation will do for occupy wall street protesters, as well as thoughts ...

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Joseph Peterson & The Red Pill

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