Thursday, May 19th, 2022


Man Claims iPhone’s ‘Find My Friends’ Feature Found His Cheating Wife

PINewswire An unnamed New Yorker claims Apple’s new “Find My Friends” app — which uses GPS to locate any of your friends that have allowed you ...

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FEMA Gives Man Disaster Aid; Now Wants It Back With Interest & Fees Added On

FederalJack A victim of Hurricane Ike who got assistance from FEMA now says that “helping hand” has become a slap in the ...

Video: Man Fined For Killing Grizzly Bear To Protect His Family-Police State

FederalJacktube6 [youtube][/youtube]

Man ‘Rips His Own Eyes Out’ During Church Service in Italy-Says ‘Voice’ Told Him To Do It An English expatriate in Viareggio (northern Italy) has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after ripping out his own eyes ...

Unemployed Man Will Let Someone Hunt Him For $10,000 Ah, the most dangerous game. Unfortunately, one can only command such a high price for hunting if you have ...

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Joseph Peterson & The Red Pill

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