Thursday, May 19th, 2022


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VIDEO: More Violence at Occupy Wall Street

Media Hoax Exposed- Recent Attack on Vitamins a Fabricated Scare Campaign

By Mike Adams TIME, USA Today, MSNBC, NPR, CTV, the LA Times and numerous other mainstream media outlets have all been running ...

Meditation: the Enigma and the Surrender

By Tania Kazi For many of us meditation inspires fascination and fear in equal measure. The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, ...

When Will the 7 Billionth Human be Born?

by Fred Pearce ON 31 October, a newborn baby somewhere in the world will become the 7 billionth member of the human ...

Researchers Invent Tiny Muscles with Strength of an Elephant Trunk

By Angelina Tala Researchers at the University of British Columbia invented tiny, flexible, rotating muscles that have the strength of an ...

E. coli in Your Cellphone? A new study conducted in the U.K. found that 92 percent of cell phones have bacteria on them, including E. coli ...

Why “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters Need To Worry About Their Privacy

by Bill Rounds It isn’t hard to see why the Occupy Wall Street movement got started. Outrage over massive fraud committed by ...

VIDEO: Did Obama Promise GMO Labeling in 2007?

VIDEO: Dr. Laura Pressley Speaking on Ending Fluoride in our Water

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