Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Intro To Curriculum

Welcome to the TRUTH IS SCARY “Curriculum”…your gateway to the “Rabbit Hole”.

Whether you are a new or experienced Truth Seeker, the Curriculum is meant  to increase your Awareness of the Truth that exists behind the Stories that you have been told your entire life.

The Curriculum is designed to stimulate your Left Brain and open up your Mind to the many versions of the Truth that exist in the Universe. Within these pages you will find short videos, full length documentaries, and  Articles separated into over 20 distinct Categories that were purposely placed in a specific order. The best way to utilize the Curriculum is to start at the beginning with The Origin of Man and work your way through to Survival. The beginning topics are meant expose the lies and deception which has indoctrinated our Society  throughout the ages, and reveal to you the Truth that is out there. The last few chapters are meant to show you new options on living your life once you have become Aware.

Dig deep within the Curriculum and you will find a wide range of different viewpoints on The Creation of Man, UFO’s, and Celebrity Assassinations to Nutrition, Meditation, and Yoga. While some of the information may be repeated various times throughout the Curriculum, each video or article was chosen for the viewpoint it explores or the manner in which the information is presented.

There are many paths to the Truth, our purpose is not to tell you what Truth is, but to show you the many options that exist and let you decide your Truth for yourself.  What you do with the information given here is entirely up to you, we neither endorse nor oppose any of the viewpoints expressed in the Curriculum.

Take your time and explore the Curriculum and you will find what works for you. Enjoy it for what it is, a resource which is constantly growing and evolving as the TIS site and  Tru World Order movement gains momentum.

From everyone here at TRUTH IS SCARY…Thank You, Enjoy ,and always BE AWARE !

Topics covered in the TIS Curriculum:

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