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Climate Change: The Government’s Best Revenue Stream Since War and Taxes

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Daisy Luther

No one knows how to profit from scaring the pants off of people quite like the government. And they don’t even need an actual threat to make it happen.

Take “climate change” and “global warming” for example.

These are both naturally occurring, cyclical events that have been happening since the dawn of the Earth. It’s only recently, though, that governments and their wealthy cronies figured out a way to monetize it with the added bonus of being able to exert even more control over the people of the world.

Many things can cause the climate to change.

The thing about climate change is that it happens all the time, it has always happened all the time, and it will continue to happen all the time. It’s just the way it is because the Earth isn’t a static lump of rock floating in space. It’s a dynamic, evolving, changing lump of rock floating in space and there are many, many things both on the planet and off-world that can affect the climate.

  • Sunspots: Evidence is increasing that sunspots, or rather a lack of them, can affect temperatures on Earth with zero or low sunspot numbers now having an effect on the weather in the future. As far back as 2009 NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) via GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) revealed that the sun had an effect on climate.
  • Vulcanism: The massive amount of debris thrown into the atmosphere during a major volcanic eruption can alter the climate for months or even years. When Tambora blew in 1815 so massive was the eruption that the following year, 1816, was called “the year without a summer.” It’s estimated that more than 100,000 people in Europe died from the effects of famine within two years of the eruption. Can you imagine what would happen if Yellowstone blew? That would make the conditions after Tambora seem like a walk in the park.
  • Natural Earth Cycles: Did you know that long before humans were present in sufficient numbers to make a difference the Earth was actually warmer than it is now? We are talking thousands of years ago, long before industrialization. Factories weren’t even a distant dream of our ancestors at that time.

So what about this fanatical fear of climate change?

Back when Al Gore freaked out the world with his pseudodocumentary, An Inconvenient Truth, climate change began to be called “global warming.” Scientifically called anthropogenic global warming (AGW), this “fact” states that man, and the industrialization we have come to rely on, has caused the current spike in greenhouse gasses.

It started during the Industrial Revolution with the massive amount of fossil fuels burned to keep the factories running. It continues today because of the number of cars on the road. It also continues because of our love of meat, which means more livestock burping, farting, pooping, and increasing the methane in the atmosphere.

Of course, AGW exists. I’m not saying that there is no such thing as global warming or climate change.

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