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Nostradamus’ Chilling 2017 Predictions Are Already Coming True

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Nostradamus suggests 2017 will be a year of massive change and turmoil - and from what can be determined so far, his prophecies are already coming true.


Fresh from a successful 2016, with multiple major predictions coming true, legendary French prophet Nostradamus looks set to continue his 500-year hot streak in 2017 as three disturbing prophecies and two encouraging predictions for the coming year have already begun falling into place.

Nostradamus made a name for himself over the centuries after a significant number of his predictions came true, including the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, the 9/11 attacks, and most recently the election of Donald Trump.

So what is in store for us in 2017, according to the prophet who predicted most of the world’s era-defining events in the last few hundred years? Nostradamus suggests 2017 will be a year of massive change and turmoil – and from what can be determined so far, the ingredients for some of his prophecies are already bubbling in the pot and looking like coming true.

Here is a look at three disturbing prophecies, as well as two encouraging predictions, that the French philosopher, writing almost 500 years ago, declared for 2017.

According to Inquisitr,

The United States Will Begin To Fall

Looking at Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions, the philosopher appeared to have seen visions that pertained to a massive change in the world’s balance of power. Among these changes is the fall of a superpower, which many of the prophet’s followers believe is the United States of America. According to Nostradamus’ prophecies, the U.S.A. would start being increasingly ungovernable and incompetent, ultimately proving itself as a disappointment to the world, according to the Express. This would continue until such time when America would not be able to fulfill its role as a world leader effectively.

Nostradamus’ 2017 predictions point to political corruption, civil unrest, and inequality, the rise of the corporate and financial elites, and the failure of the social system as causes for the United States’ downfall. Overall, many of these are already happening, with President-elect Donald Trump, who has no political experience, set to take the reins of the country. Civil unrest has also become prevalent, as old problems such as racial discrimination have begun emerging once more.

China Will Rise

According to the French philosopher’s predictions, the coming year would also see the emergence of China as a world power, making bold moves in order to address the economic imbalances in the world. Considering that China has been significantly growing its power over the last few decades, this particular prophecy might very well come true. After all, with superpowers such as the United States seemingly set for a further decline, China has every opportunity it needs to make sure its rise to power is undisturbed.

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