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Mushroom Magic: The Psychological and Spiritual Benefits of Psilocybin

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 Wes Annac/Wake Up World

Psilocybin, the natural hallucinogenic compound found in various species of psilocybin mushrooms, has been found to treat depression, anxiety, and other serious mental illnesses.

Extensive research into its benefits was halted by the 1970s due to its classification as an illegal drug. Past research on the benefits of LSD and other psychedelics was lost for the same reason. Despite this, credible modern-day researchers are providing solid evidence that psilocybin is a beneficial compound that can help treat mental illness, with a range of other psychological and spiritual benefits.

“Remarkable” Effect on Depression

Justin Gardner at The Free Thought Project writes that William Richards at John Hopkins University, who’s been dosing study participants with psilocybin for 15 years for research purposes, published his first study in 2006 that displayed the compound’s therapeutic benefits. This paved the way for more wide-ranging research, such as the studies we’ll learn about below. (1)

Justin writes that the results of the first two major clinical trials on psilocybin were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology on December 1st. Along with William Richards’ research, these results displayed the compound’s “remarkable” effect on depression and, more specifically, end-of-life stress. (1)

The authors of the first study reported that psilocybin can lead to remarkable long-term improvements in anxiety and depression. It can also decrease cancer-related “demoralization” and “hopelessness”, improve spiritual wellbeing, and increase one’s quality of life. By the study’s 6.5-month follow-up, the compound was associated with anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects; around 60-80% of participants displayed significant reductions in depression and anxiety. (2)

Sustained Benefits, No Adverse Effects

The authors stated the compound was also found to provide “sustained benefits in existential distress and quality of life”. The “mystical experience” induced by psilocybin is believed to mediate its therapeutic effect on anxiety and depression, and overall, the participants’ attitude toward death had improved by the study’s end. (2)

The second study’s authors concluded that a “single dose” of psilocybin significantly decreased depressed or anxious moods, increased quality of life, and decreased death-related anxiety in patients with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. These effects endured for at least 6 months. (2)

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