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CERN Conduct Antimatter Experiment Prompting ‘Antichrist’ Fears

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CERN scientists make antimatter discovery


Scientists at CERN have announced a huge breakthrough in antimatter research, prompting fears that they have unleashed the Antichrist on Earth. 

Earlier in the week, CERN managed to successfully use a laser to touch atoms of antimatter and make them shine.

The discovery means that scientists are one step closer to discovering the origins of the Universe.

However, conspiracy theorists are worried that the experiment may have unleashed ‘hell on Earth’ which will then prompt the return of the Antichrist.

According to Christian Truther,

‘Antimatter is the opposite of matter, it isn’t physical, it’s spiritual,’ writes Emily. 

‘CERN is building the kingdom of the antichrist, hell on earth.’ 

‘Antimatter would be a demonically charged particle retrieved from the pit, bringing with it chaos and destruction.’ reports:

In particular, scientists from the ALPHA experiment at the CERN laboratory were able to hit the antihydrogen atoms with a laser to observe the light they gave off as positrons in the atoms returned to lower energy levels.

Using a laser to observe a transition in antihydrogen and comparing it to hydrogen to see if they obey the same laws of physics has always been a key goal of antimatter research,” said Professor Jeffrey Hangst, spokesperson of the ALPHA collaboration.

This result is the culmination of 20 years of work for CERN’s antimatter team. Unable to find antihydrogen atoms in nature, scientists worked on creating them in the lab. The challenge has been to trap enough of them for long enough to be able to study them. Previous efforts averaged 1.2 antihydrogen atoms trapped every 15 minutes. The new method created about 25,000 antihydrogen atoms every 15 minutes  and trapped about 14of them.

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