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13 Horrifying U.S. Government Human Experiments

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The U.S. government has purposefully inflicted countless tortures upon citizens, and this list represents some of the most horrifying government experiments to date.


From mind-control to STDs, the U.S. government has purposefully inflicted countless tortures upon citizens both at home and abroad. Conspiracy theory nuts are known for being out there, but once you read the wild government stories on this list, you will be a believer too.

1: Project MKUltra

Beginning in the early 1950’s, the U.S. government started conducting illegal experiments on U.S. and Canadian citizens (including children) with the intention of developing drugs and procedures used to interrogate and torture. The program specifically focused on breaking down and controlling the mind, and incorporated numerous methodologies, such as the use of LSD, hypnosis, and sexual abuse, to name a few.

MKUltra memorandum.

MKUltra memorandum.

Many of the experiments were done without people’s consent, and sometimes left victims with psychological problems, amnesia, and brain damage. Some of the more extreme experiments resulted in death. The MKUltra Program was coordinated by the CIA in conjunction with the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps.

MKUltra patient.

MKUltra patient.

2: Involuntary Mustard Gas Tests on Soldiers

During WWII, the U.S. carried out numerous secret tests on U.S. military personnel to determine the effectiveness of various bio-weapons, including mustard gas. For decades these experiments had been hidden from the public until the 1990s when Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began to investigate them.


During their investigation, Congress and the VA designated the soldiers involved in the tests as “volunteers,” however according to the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics, many of the men had been ordered to participate in these activities, and some were completely unaware—since the Department of War did not classify the tests as experiments, consent was not necessary.

Soldier after involuntary exposure to mustard gas via gas chamber.

Soldier after involuntary exposure to mustard gas via gas chamber.

According to NPR, some of the tests subjects were selected by race to see if certain chemicals have the same effect on African-Americans and Asian-Americans as Caucasians, though more Caucasians had been involved since there were more of them enlisted in the military. Records for these experiments were poorly kept, and it’s impossible to tell exactly how many were subjected to these chemical tests, however it’s believed that many veterans who experienced health issues like emphysema, respiratory cancers and leukemia (all of which are related to mustard gas exposure) never realized the connection.

3: U.S. Grants Immunity to Monster-Surgeon

Another offense committed by the U.S. government during WWII was its willingness to “condone human torture for advancements in biological warfare” by granting Dr. Shiro Ishii, monster-surgeon of the infamous Unit 731, immunity based on their interest in the results of his research.

Dr. Shiro Ishii.

Dr. Shiro Ishii.

Ishii was responsible for a multitude of horrific atrocities, which included using vivisection techniques on his human subjects without anesthesia.

Vivisection is the act of conducting experimental surgery on living creatures (with central nervousness) and examining their insides for scientific purposes. So basically, he was giving unnecessary surgery to prisoners by opening them up, keeping them alive, and not using any anesthetic.

While the U.S. was not directly responsible for Ishii’s acts, the fact that they granted him immunity shows their willingness to support such heinous tactics.

4: Deadly Chemical Sprays on American Cities

It has been discovered that the government, with the help of the Navy and the CIA, have conducted a series of biochemical warfare simulations on American cities to see how the effects would play out.


Rankers lists the following air strikes/naval attacks:

In 1950, the U.S. Navy, in a simulated biological warfare attack, sprayed San Francisco with large quantities of bacterial pathogens (Serratia marcescens), which at the time were considered harmless. Many citizens developed pneumonia as a result, and at least one person died (William, 206, p. 147–149).

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