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Magic 8 Ball: Police Claim to be Able to Predict Car Crashes

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The Indiana State Police have just invented a “Daily Crash Prediction” map. Police are now claiming they can predict automotive crashes!

I thought I’d seen it all, police using pupil dilation charts to arrest innocent people and innocent people being arrested before they commit a crime. But this is a whole new level of absurdity, predictive policing is turning our justice system upside down.

Cops claim to be able to predict car crashes

“The Indiana Daily Crash Prediction map is an interactive tool that predicts where crashes are likely to occur across the state of Indiana…” 

Major Michael White exclaimed, “This is a kick-ass tool!”

The ‘crash prediction map’ uses a color-coded crash risk warning system, much like DHS’s color-coded Advisory System.

White:Very Low
Green: Low
Yellow: Medium
Red: High
And a European exclamation mark inside of a triangle to signify roads are slick.

Coming to a city near you ’predictive car crash policing’

In the near future, you can expect to see the ‘crash prediction map’ being used as an excuse to detain, question and arrest motorists.

“The map will also aid in what ISP calls “proactive policing approaches” intended to reduce crash and fatalities. Law enforcement will consult the map to strategically dispatch officers in areas with increased probabilities of a crash. In Tennessee, predictive mapping decreased average response time for first responders.”

Police admit ‘crash prediction’ is all about profits

What’s even more incredible is how the Indiana State Police admit, the ‘crash prediction map’ is really all about profits. At approximately 20 seconds into the video Ashley Schenck, reveals that crash prediction is about “driving investment and greater outcome for fiduciaries.”

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