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Work for the Mainstream Media? You Should Kill Yourself.

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Takeshi Kitano ‘Sonatine’ graffiti. Source: Wikicommons Author: Eduard Maluquer


Amid the gallons of rain, rolling blackouts, and hurricane-force winds that recently swept Florida coastline I laid eyes on a Time magazine article that was so idiotic, so clearly drenched in Pro-State Propaganda, I debated marching 50 miles inland with nothing but my laptop and pistol to fire off an article in total disgust. The headline itself, let alone the industry it represents, is so reprehensible that those responsible should publicly repent with self-mutilation or acts of Seppuku.

Take a good long look at this abortion of a cover, a slimy two-headed attempt to get the American populace to ignore the fact that recent hacks have revealed their entire political system is a fucking sham. The primaries were fixed, the winner has been decided, and contrary to all popular belief third-party candidates really are a threat to the established order.

Take this recent one pretty much proving Hillary aimed to have Trump as a preselected puppet and that this election was over before it began:

Clinton team instructed DNC with strategic goal of “elevating” Trump two months before he declared his candidacy …


You never would have heard of it by sticking with the “pinnacles of journalism,” those inane and vapid publications that depend upon a cozy relationship with the government or advertisers looking for spots to hawk whatever cheaply made crap they keep trying to convince you to buy. No matter how truthful, no matter how in-your-face the evidence is, all “journalists” can do is mutter about possible Russian involvement and hope you ignore the obvious. Take this steaming pile of flaming garbage from the New York Times:

“Mr. Assange proffered a vision of America as superbully: a nation that has achieved imperial power by proclaiming allegiance to principles of human rights while deploying it’s military-intelligence apparatus in ‘pincer’ formation to ‘push’ countries into doing its bidding and punishing people who dare to speak the truth.

Knowing full well that this is indeed how American foreign policy operates they don’t even attempt to refute it,  instead trying to cast doubt by throwing pocket sand into the reader’s eyes.

“Whether by conviction, convenience, or coincidence, Wikileaks’ document releases, along with many of Mr. Assange’s statement have benefited Russia at the expense of the West.”

Is this the same West that terrorizes and keeps the Third World in a state of debt slavery? The same West that has overthrown democratically elected governments for 50+ years and directly funds ISIS? At that rate the only countries those leaks DON’T benefit are Israel and Saudi Arabia, our pet fascists that routinely brutalize their populations and depend on the US to keep them afloat.

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