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The Divide and Conquer Agenda – The Role of the Agent Provocateur

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 Ryan CristiánWake Up World

Agent Provocateur (French for “inciting agent”): a person employed to encourage others to break the law by pretending sympathy with their aims, usually in a protest setting, to incite and provoke them into incriminating actions, so that they can be arrested.

In recent years, mostly due to the rise of internet accessibility, the American people have been undergoing a rapid awakening. Some stories once considered so absurd that only the truest “conspiracy theorist” would dare give them mention, have been vindicated; and not only was the government aware of these misrepresentations, it was complicit in their cover-up. National debt as well as wealth inequality continue to climb, and many highly educated economists warn of the US dollar’s impending collapse. Few would disagree that the United States has lost its way, as more reasons for security are declared and more constitutional (human) rights ignored.

This decline in rights has given way to a rapid rise in community and nationwide protests. With so many beginning to become vocal about the ineptitude and corruption of the Federal Government, and many more awakening to the cause, it has become a national security priority for the US government to put an end to this subtle yet increasingly worrisome uprising of awareness. The most effective and direct action is to cast these truth-speakers and activists in the same light as the biggest ‘bogeyman’ of modern times: terrorism.

Enter the Agent Provocateur!

Most-modern protesters and activists are acutely aware of the presence of the agent provocateur, and it is for this reason that they will not allow for these events to turn violent, knowing full well this will give the government the very reason it needs to label them as enemies of the state. This is the exact purpose for the provocateur, to incite violence where none exists in order to give them an excuse to shut down the demonstration, and to demonize the movement in the eyes of those not yet awake to the mainstream propaganda machine. This acts to divide the people on the issue and allows for the government to appear the savior — by effectively conquering the awareness uprising.

Once the American people are indoctrinated with the kind of intolerance already being seen in regards to the Muslim faith (this coming from the nation of so-called religious tolerance), the time will be right to begin using the new CISA bill in combination with the Patriot Act to unduly an unjustly detain and desist protesters, activists and truth-bloggers who are only exercising their first amendment rights. Many of the more radical officials are already beginning to cast activists as anti-American or even terrorists. With provocateurs and false flag events rising in frequency, one should begin to view any publicized event through a lens of skepticism.

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