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Police Unveil Scary Riot Control Dalek Robot That Electrocutes Protestors

Published on October 4, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment

Terrifying riot control Dalek robot unveiled that electrocutes protestors


A Chinese university have unveiled new Dalek style robots that are designed to electrocute unruly members of the public if they do not comply with orders given to them within 10 seconds.

Looking like something from the Doctor Who TV show, the Dalek’s are designed to help police keep members of the public in check during riots or protests by giving them an electric shock. reports:

Its makers said the AnBot is a breakthrough in low cost robotics and surveillance and could play a key role in the future of China’s attempts to crush terrorism and public dissent.

Robotics researchers at Beijing’s National University of Defense Technology recently unveiled their crime fighting creation at the Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, where they demonstrated its abilities.

At just under 4.9ft-tall (1.5 metres), it weighs in at 172lbs (78kg).

And while its cruising speed is a leisurely 1km per hour, for those perpetrators thinking of making a break for it, the robot can give chase at top speeds of 11 mph (18km/h)

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. Bill Jones Bill Jones says:

    Coming soon.. Police and military personnel with no tesky conscious to hold them back from enforcing the “law”

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