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Is Everything A Conspiracy?

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It’s a question often asked of the conspiratorially minded, born from an irritation with the modern tendency to question every event and its mainstream media account. Of course, it’s really a statement – “Everything isn’t a conspiracy!” – with perhaps the added subtext, “You paranoid, irrational, basement-dwelling loon.”

However, in an attempt to get a rational response to this rhetorical question, The Eternities podcast recently asked it to Roberto Quaglia, a science-fiction author who ventured into conspiracy territory when he published The Myth of September 11: The Satanic Verses of Western Democracy.

In the podcast, Quaglia explained his entry into the arena and his reasons for writing the 600-page tome: “I discovered that the official narrative didn’t make any sense. I needed people to discuss it with but … everyone was stuck in the mainstream narrative. So I started to write down what I understood so that I [could not] forget it. It was not a plan to write a book.

“I noticed in myself … my mind having a bias, because [after three months] I stopped [believing]the things that I understood. This was a frustrating moment … because facing rejection from everybody … I noticed that my mind started to become mainstream again; I started to believe again the official narrative.

“This is a fact that had been written [about] in the famous book by Gustav Le Bon [The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind] about the psychology of the masses, where he stated that if you convince a person on a rational basis, the next day this person will probably be back to his older belief. It doesn’t matter if this is irrational; his older beliefs are something that he feels, and nothing that he understands can change how he feels.

“And, actually, this is what was happening to me. I was feeling safer inside the mainstream narrative … so I went back to my previous feelings. This kind of betrayal of my mind was unacceptable so I went back and studied again the issue. Of course, in the process of writing a book you understand so many things that it makes [a] critical mass and there is no way back at this point. I cannot believe the mainstream any more.”

The 90-minute discussion ranged from the origins of the term “conspiracy theory” (employed to marginalise dissent against the official narrative of the JFK assassination); through media manipulation and disinformation; the psychology of  belief, scepticism and obedience; cryptocracy and “deep government”; and the theatrics of the current US presidential campaign.

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