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Diver Finds Evidence Of Giants Living In Arkansas Cave Network

Published on October 17, 2016 by   ·   3 Comments

a man from fort smith claims that he has evidence of giants that used to roam around arkansas


A recent news clip shows a diver Mike Young from Fort Smith looking for Native American remains in Arkansas, but these remains are around 10ft tall with two rows of teeth. Many in the conspiracy world are expecting this to be proof of Nephilim, but I think the jury is out on that one.

Young said he has found no skeletal remains yet but still says that he has found strong evidence that they did exist, he says that proof will be found in the caves in Arkansas. “Being the explorer, I had to go look at it [the cave network],” he added that the giants were “between eight to 10 feet long.”

“This cave also had a flowing spring in it, which would have been an ideal shelter,” Young said. “If you panic at any time, it`s probably going to be fatal,” Young said. “The gravel bank collapsed on us and buried me. I had about eight minutes worth of air and so I had to start digging. If you panic, it`s over.” Young added that extensive training is important.

The legend of giants in Arkansas dates back to the 1860’s when a group of men allegedly found a giants remains. In an article published by the ‘Idaho Daily Statesman’ on June 12, 1899 it read: “A number of years ago in making an excavation into or near Chickawba’s mound a portion of a Gigantic Human Skeleton was found.

“The men who digging, becoming interested, unearthed the entire skeleton, and from measurements given us by reliable parties the frame of the man to who it belongs could not have been less than eight or nine feet in height.

“Under the skull, which easily slipped over the head of our informant (who, we will here state is one of our best citizens), resembling nothing in the way of Indian pottery which had before been seen by them.” This is most likely nothing more than an urban legend,

read the rest of the article here.

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  1. We know the Bible and gov lie what’s knew

  2. We know the Bible and gov lie what’s knew

  3. Jason Male Jason Male says:

    John Mohr their on to you.

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