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Bayer Monsanto Merger Will Steal The Marijuana Industry

Published on October 22, 2016 by   ·   4 Comments

marijuana industry


The recent takeover bid of U.S. seed company Monsanto by German-based drug and crop chemical maker Bayer could mean the death of the infant marijuana industry and the birth of genetically modified corporate cannabis.

Marijuana industry insiders believe that the international corporation will destroy the industry, genetically modify the seeds and rob people of the diversity and natural benefits of cannabis.

Besides the health fears associated with GMOs, the company also plans to supply the necessary chemicals and fertilizers to attack marijuana seed breeders in the same way that Monsanto used RoundUp to attack farmers worldwide.

Bayer’s history includes making chemical weapons, providing material support (as part of the Farben group) for Hitler’s genocidal war crimes, using slave labor, and creating toxic and deadly products.

Bayer was the first company to mass produce and mass market heroin worldwide.

Monsanto has similarly made or contributed to the making of harmful products including saccharin, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), nuclear weapons, polystyrene, DDT, Agent Orange, RoundUp (glyphosate), bovine growth hormone (rGBH), Aspartame, GMOs, and dioxin.

Big Buds reports:

As you know from previous articles, Monsanto makes poisons, GMOs, and other products proven to harm people and the environment

Monsanto has a deep business partnership with Scotts Miracle-Gro, a convicted corporate criminal– and Scott’s Miracle-Gro is trying to take over the marijuana industry.

In the past two years, a Scotts Miracle-Gro front group purchased General Hydroponics, Botanicare, and Gavita.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Fucc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bob Johnston Bob Johnston says:

    Hopefully Monsanto will get levelled soon. Terrorist.

  3. Bullshit, it will make safely cared for indoor beans an e pensive market.

  4. Change 1 gene and patent it, brilliant. Satanic fuckers

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