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America, Land of Opportunity? Not For Young People, Study Says

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The United States is supposed to be a land of opportunity where young people can expect their quality of life will be better than their parents’. But the U.S. isn’t even in the top 20 countries when it comes to opportunities for young people.

The U.S. ranks 23 on a list of 183 countries based on 18 indicators that measure progress for youth ages 15 to 29. All of the top nine countries are in Europe, with Japan rounding out the top 10.

The index from the Commonwealth Secretariat defines youth development as “Enhancing the status of young people, empowering them to build on their competencies and capabilities for life. It will enable them to contribute to and benefit from a politically stable, economically viable, and legally supportive environment, ensuring their full participation as active citizens in their countries.”

Youth development was assessed by measuring different factors under five themes: education, employment and opportunity, health and well-being, political participation and civic participation. Broken down into those categories, the U.S. is only in the top 10 in civic participation, where it ranks second.

Three-quarters of the world’s 1.8 billion young people live in countries where their development opportunities are categorized as low or medium. In low development countries, the youth mortality rate is five times higher.


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