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10 Things We Should Be Doing Instead of Obsessing Over the 2016 Election

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Here is a list of 10 things Americans should have been doing to strengthen their communities and empower themselves sociopolitically, economically, and technologically over the past 2 years instead of having obsessed over the ultimately irrelevant process known as Election 2016.

It is ultimately irrelevant because regardless of who wins, just like in 2008 when Barack Obama took office, all of the abuses and wars raging now will continue, and all the wars meant to begin under the previous president will be justified and executed under whoever the new president happens to be.

Imagine if you accomplished even one of these 10 things in the list below over the past 2 years, and if many more did so as well. What a world we would live in instead of clinging to the false hope of some establishment representative finally “changing things” for us instead of just stringing us along for another 4 years…

1. Start a local organic farm:  takes about 1-2 years if you seek guidance from others already doing it.

2. Visit your local makerspace/hackerspace to learn a new skill: can take as little as 1-2 weeks to learn a new skill.

3. Use that new skill to start a local business, replacing/disrupting an established monopoly: 1-2 years.

4. Replace a percentage of your power consumption with solar.

5. Replace a percentage of your big-retail food with food grown locally and sold at your local farmers’ market.

6. Visit your local community labto learn more about disrupting big-pharma monopolies.

7. Grow a fraction of your own food in your own part-time hobby garden.

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