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The Foundation of the Matrix Uncovered

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 Arno Pienaar/Wake Up World

“In the beginning was the Word … and the Word was God.” ~ John 1:1

The fundamental word of the matrix has been found. The entire virtual reality now runs on consciousness only, not on an obsolete hypothesis from the word that was sourced in the time-track. Collective consciousness is now free to manifest any reality; all forms of authority created out of the word are gone.

As we spiral back into the knowing, the zero point, flourishing a fully conscious reality, we experience the full wrath of the storm before the crack of dawn, all the last murmurs of limitation must surface and dissolve before one can walk into the night, and, over-write an unconscious reality through your own state of consciousness.

We have been separated far too long by the mind which has altered everything on planet Earth. The Mind alters “IS”, into an alter-ego which upholds the status quo of the matrix. There will be a matrix until every last soul lets go of their alter ego.

The Alter Ego is like something you hold up in your hand, exclaiming this is “everything” there is, this is why “I am right”. And if there is a right then there is also a wrong…Opposites attract! Anything built on negatives and positives is matrix-bound.

The Alter Ego is the final product of being processed in the matrix; the Alter Ego basically is the matrix. And we have a matrix simply because of souls still loaded with data that holistically alters the “I AM” into an “I BE” — a being, a sentient (5-senses) being, an alter ego.

Agenda of the Creator

How did the Alter Ego originate in the first place, out of the one, one might ask. Something caused you to capitulate to this system in the first place, that is why you are here. You accepted it as absolute and from there you have spiraled out and up, further away from the one and only source of what you really are. Somebody else that has already capitulated simply made you capitulate too, by the use of the word. You might have been innocent, you might have willingly sold your soul to it — it does not actually matter.

In ancient times it was said that the word holds more power than the sword. The word has the power to potentially shape an entire creation from the subservience of its own code, created by the creator of it, for himself, in an attempt to experience some kind of a delusional over-lordship over everything in existence.

He created it, and he thought it would be a good idea to introduce others too, into this particular wavelength, or dimension. He tricked, sold or fooled other souls into this creation through patrons, “those that already sold their souls to the creator” — and the virus built on, and a mere hypothesis was spread, by the use of words.

Once doubt is sparked in a new subject, the beginning of a matrix is born. The initiation of doubt is the seed of the matrix; it is the source of the great void of time and space. When you do not know, something else does — something else becomes absolute. But, if you take away the seed of the matrix called doubt, the whole digital hologram built on doubt crashes.

Before the word was the soul. The eclipse that hides the essence of who you really are is maintained by doubt. Doubt is the imbalance. Doubt is the hesitance; the issue keeping you on your paces within relativity to the laws of the matrix — man’s laws.

When you are using words, you can only doubt. Words are all built on doubt; an ignorance sourced out of unconsciousness, an unconscious birthed out of the first single dumb doubt. In the beginning there was doubt. All the rest followed.

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