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Police Use TEN Different Types of Checkpoints, With More on the Way

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Police and the Border Patrol are using ‘general crime control checkpoints’ to harass and detain motorists across the country. Below, is a list of nine different checkpoints police use, to ticket and arrest citizens.

Last year, I warned everyone that multiple law enforcement partners, are conductingdrug (heroin) checkpoints focused on vehicles and pedestrians!

Drug testing checkpoints are a lie…

“If they say drug check lane ahead, it’s false,” says Wichita attorney Dan Monnat. “Because the courts have ruled on this being a violation of the 4th amendment.” (for more info. read City of Indianapolis v Edmond)

And recently, I warned everyone that DHS is paying police departments to set up DUI checkpoints across the country.

To learn how police, will soon add a tenth checkpoint to the list, please read on.

Why are police using illegal checkpoints?

Sixteen years ago, the Supreme Court held that checkpoints established for general crime control purposes are unconstitutional.(City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 44 (2000).

So why are police and the Border Patrol stopping innocent motorists?

DHS admits DUI checkpoints are REALLY about checking a person’s immigration status.

Aliens convicted of a “significant misdemeanor,” which for these purposes is an offense of domestic violence; sexual abuse or exploitation; burglary; unlawful possession or use of a firearm; drug distribution or trafficking; or driving under the influence…

Also, there’s millions of dollars at stake. The University of Berkley which has close ties to DHS, made close to $14 million off of ‘No-Refusal’ checkpoints in 2013.

“The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has awarded UC Berkeley’s Safe Transportation Research & Education Center (SafeTREC) $13,930,555 to run its 2012-2013 Sobriety Checkpoint program.”

Fyi, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lists over a hundred documentssupporting checkpoints in the so-called ”land of the free“.

Police use checkpoints to threaten motorists and cite them for violations

Establishing a Checkpoint

1. Are motor vehicle checkpoints permitted?

Yes, in appropriate circumstances. As noted above, the United States Supreme Court has held that sobriety checkpoints do not violate the Fourth Amendment. The General Statutes go further and allow checkpoints to be used “to determine compliance with the provisions of  ”Chapter 20.4  In other words, the statute allows checkpoints to be used to detect violations of any motor vehicle law, not just the impaired driving laws. By contrast, checkpoints may not be used for general crime control.

But, that’s exactly what police are doing…

The Border Patrol’s (CBP) own records contain multiple accounts of Border Patrol agents stopping and searching motorists without justification; threatening residents with assault rifles, Tasers, and knives; destroying and confiscating personal property; interfering with efforts to video-record agents; and using dozens of false alerts by CBP dogs to search and detain innocent people. (click here to read all THIRTEEN CBP documents)

Police use checkpoints as a new ‘stop & frisk’ method

FOIA documents released to the ACLU, show that the Border Patrol’s extra-constitutional police practices amount to a de facto policy of “stop and frisk” for residents within 100 miles of the border.

Police setup drivers license checkpoints, despite using license plate readers

Ask yourself what’s wrong with this picture, nearly eight years ago an Appeals court concluded that  police can set up drivers license checkpoints, because cops don’t know everything about a driver.

This outdated ruling, ignores the fact that, law enforcement uses ‘automatic license plate readers‘ mounted on police vehicles, highways and traffic intersections to identify drivers. And also ignores the fact that police are using more than TWENTY EIGHT automated risk assessments on anyone travelling inside the U.S.

Police also run drivers licenses through the National Precursor Log Exchange, to see if their names are on a police/pharmaceutical drug list.

Read More HERE

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