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Are We Already Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

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Garry GreenwoodWake Up World

I remember watching the film adaptation of Nevil Shute’s epic novel, On The Beach, almost 60 years ago. It starred Gregory Peck, Ava Gardener and Fred Astaire. It scared the daylights out of me. I also listened to the BBC’s radio serialised rendition too. It’s a terrifying tale about the aftermath of a WWIII in which nuclear weapons were used in the northern hemisphere. No side actually won as the whole of humankind ended up perishing ever so agonisingly from the resultant nuclear radiation – except for some “lucky” survivors who ended up huddled together on a beach in Melbourne, Australia, since it was the furthest point from the ever-spreading nuclear radiation.

In the movie, the “authorities” had the foresight to issue everyone with suicide pills to ease and accelerate their inevitable demise, and many of the characters are continually toying whether or not to take the pill in an ever changing situation. Does this sound like your kind of book or movie? Whatever was Nevil Shute thinking? You might also know him from his most famous Australian novel, A Town Like Alice.

Fast forward 55 years and Shute’s futuristic scenario is showing signs of awakening from its hibernation…

We all know how the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukushima was destroyed by the March, 11, 2011 tsunami. That was five years ago, but in these past 5 critical years information continues to gradually seep out concerning the reality of this ongoing catastrophe. We now know there are six very large nuclear reactors at that plant. The Japanese Government has finally admitted, after years of denial/lying, that reactors 1-2-3 went into total, forever-uncontrollable, meltdowns within hours of the tsunami. Depending upon who you believe reactor 4’s severely damaged building still stands and houses 1,533 highly radioactive spent fuel rods suspended in water to keep them cool lest they heat up, fuse and explode again. This cooling tank is 5 stories high and is beginning to lean precariously due to metal erosion because of high radiation levels, the weather and subsequent earthquakes.

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