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7 Points That Prove How Dangerous Cell Phones Are to Humankind

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Bernie Suarez


Is the cell phone or more specifically the modern day “smart phone” the most destructive invention in the history of humankind? I believe it may very well be and here is my argument.

No other invention has permeated human activity like the modern day cell phone. Here is a list of things that you may not have thought of that cell phones are responsible for. When you get to the bottom of this list you may just realize that the cell phone is the electronics invention ”ace-in-the-hole” for the globalists and their new world order plans.

1 – Cell phones have become the number one distraction to humans in all segments of society

We all see the zombies everywhere. They are crossing the street while staring at their phones. This man here actually gets bitten by a snake while walking down the streets hypnotized by his cell phone. People are driving their cars while texting, riding bikes, working out at the gym, eating at restaurants, and doing almost everything you can think of, all while texting or talking on the phone. It’s a widespread phenomenon that is only getting worse. People everywhere are simply not paying attention to what they are doing, leaving them vulnerable for almost any unexpected incident to happen to them.

2 – Cell phone use is now a major cause of driving fatalities

This cell phone hypnosis is spreading throughout humanity and is now one of the leading culprits accounting for accidents, injuries and deaths nationwide. A study done on using cell phones while driving found that cell phone use in car accidents is largely “under-reported.” Which means we have no idea how bad the problem really is. The question then is, exactly how much are the mainstream media, government and the cell phone companies censoring the truth about cell phone fatalities? Are they covering up this statistic to keep profits rolling in?

3 – Cell phones have destroyed human person-to-person communication

We’ve all likely seen the destruction of the person-to-person interpersonal relationship at the hands of the cell phone. No longer do people want to meet in person, instead they would rather text you. Even speaking on the phone is out of style for many younger adults. The hassle of actually having to speak to you on the phone is too much to ask for, thus a text which is exponentially less personal is more convenient for them. For some people texting allows them to more easily ignore you, put you off until later and worse.

All of this I firmly believe was by design. The globalists wanted an isolated and callous humanity hooked on electronics and depleted of real human interaction, and the cell phone gave them the perfect tool to advance this idea.

4 – Cell phones emit dangerous EMF waves and cause cancer

Numerous studies now show that cell phones emit dangerous electromagnetic waves (EMF) that are associated with the development of cancer – specifically brain cancer. Despite this knowledge, cell phone companies keep rolling right along with the help of government as they keep building more and more cell phone towers all over the United States. And why would we expect them to stop given that the cancer industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry? They wouldn’t let a little cancer get in the way of their money. Above and beyond this, the cell phone helps greatly with their long-term depopulation agenda. With the incidence of cancer, including brain cancer, rising more than ever who knows just how bad things will get 5, 10 or 20 years from now. Will it be too late by then?

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