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When Machines Make Our Decisions

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Barbara H. Peterson/Farm Wars

Humans are so inconvenient. They need wages, breaks, food, shelter, room to move, air to breathe, and time off. How much easier to just eliminate all of those pesky time-wasting things and replace humans with machines? Or, how about merging humans with machines so that we can create what we want? But when we remove our humanity from the equation, is what remains truly human?

We can replace this part and that part, and still maintain our humanity, but when we start tinkering with DNA, attempting to download our brain processes onto a chip and rearrange what is there to create a “better human,” we create something that no longer bears the essence of humanity.

Human + Human = Human

Machine + Machine = Machine

Human + Machine = Mechanized Hybrid

It’s simple genetics, really. The less humanity that is present, the less human traits the entity possesses. And at what point does humanity become so negligible that the machine takes over completely?

In the classic scifi series Star Trek, Mr. Spock, half human half Vulcan, was trying to become more human. He was trying to overcome his Vulcan tendencies towards robotic actions with no feelings, no empathy, and total machine-like logic. Today, we are encouraged to become more like Mr. Spock’s Vulcan ancestors – without feeling, emotion, or any trace of humanity. And all for the sake of convenience.

We see this all around us as we toil day in and day out in order to make a buck and live the non-existent American Dream. A fantasy conjured up by the corporate kings that would control our every thought, act, and movement. They want machines. We want machines. We strive to be machines, and feel that we cannot live without them. We have grown to be completely dependent on the tools developed to make us more ‘independent.’

We develop machines to make our lives easier. They are tools to be used by those who made them. But as we look around, we can clearly see that machines are rapidly taking over our everyday lives and making our decisions for us. Clerks at the local store  used to dispense change by going into the register and counting it out to us. Now, the machines to the counting. The clerk touches a computer-based machine and the machine tells him/her what change to give. When asked to do this manually, most are unable. You will get a blank stare because the thought never crossed his/her mind to actually count. That is not a requirement. We are quickly descending into a society in which humanity is becoming irrelevant and machines dominant. We are becoming so dependent on them that even simple mathematics escapes us.

We walk around glued to our cellphones playing insidious games such as Pokemon, and don’t even realize the addiction. I walked past someone the other day who was doing just that, and said: “You know that’s addicting, don’t you?” He said: “Yes, but so is breathing and eating.” How degenerate have we become that we equate the necessary acts of breathing and eating with playing a game on a cellphone and never once looking up to see the sky, the birds, or the clouds? Delving deeper and deeper into a virtual reality. And we do this willingly.

Instead of strengthening us, our addiction to machines is draining us. The life force is literally being sucked out of us leaving an empty shell to dry up and blow away in the wind. We run to and fro in a daily grind, never getting anywhere because we are trapped in a reality that does not truly exist. A manufactured reality designed to eat us up and spit us out for the profit of a few. Another cog in the machine. CAFO people, if you will.

No feelings, no empathy, no remorse; machines are natural psychopaths. As we become more machine oriented, is psychopathy destined to be the norm? Do we place so little value on humanity that we are willing to sacrifice it for convenience? Will we eventually become irrelevant and relegated to the archives of history with machines taking over and replacing us? Are we mechanizing ourselves to extinction? Machines don’t have a spirit. A soul. They cannot be human no matter how advanced they get. They simply do not have that capacity. They are not capable of discretionary decision making. While they can be useful, the essence of humanity lies in its imperfections and the ability to change at will.

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