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UH OH: This Is What Happens to Teens When Marijuana Is Legalized

Published on August 16, 2016 by   ·   8 Comments


According to studies, when they have more access to marijuana through legalization, teens actually don’t smoke more pot. So take that, everyone’s clueless grandma who said Colorado and Washington’s legalization would lead to a bunch of high-off-their-ass teens dropping out of school and becoming shiftless, lazy, no good punks.


Via Cheat Sheet:

One of the biggest fears? That legalizing marijuana, or any other morally dubious activity or substance, will lead to disaster for younger demographics. “Think of the children!” they might say.

…when it comes to marijuana, we can throw that conventional wisdom out the window.

Why? Because marijuana legalization is actually having the opposite effect on usage rates in the teenage population. Just take a look at this chart,produced by Quartz:


The data used to populate this graphic, taken from a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry Journal, shows marijuana legalization has actually led to a decline in teen use rates — and rather significant declines. A drop of 2% among 8th graders alone was witnessed, and in total, a 1.8% drop among all high schoolers.

These numbers are a bit of a surprise, no doubt, and the findings naturally lead to the big question of why teens are actually turning away from marijuana in the wake of legalization. It’s not an easy question to answer, and in fact, we may not really have a good idea of what’s causing the phenomenon.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Dave Mathieu Dave Mathieu says:

    Lolol…funny. Medical Marijuana called “Green Crack”.

  2. green crack is pretty good..

  3. Sean DeLong Sean DeLong says:

    They don’t go to those (for profit )prisons .. That’s what !!

  4. That’s a strain of bud not “green” crack

  5. Hahahahahahaha this is old. Its just a strain of cannabis not actual crack. There are hundreds if not thousands of diferent types of cannabis all over the world

  6. Mike Smith Mike Smith says:

    Omg! It’s reefer madness oh no! Let’s scare everyone like its the nineteen twenties again.

  7. Bryan Mckeun Bryan Mckeun says:

    Green crack Is meant to be sarcastic in a sense! Read the actual article! It’s how ignorant people are when it comes to something they disagree with, just like the prohibition, people drank more because it was illegal. Kids have to be rebels, so once it’s not bad, they are less inclined to do it, same with most adults.

  8. Its about the article, not the picture, it’s satire!

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