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Decoding the Social Engineering Tactics of the New World Order (NWO)

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Decoding the Social Engineering Tactics of the New World Order (NWO)

Makia Freeman/Wake Up World

The social engineering tactics currently used by the NWO (New World Order) can be decoded, if you look carefully. These social engineering tactics are being used around the world, both internally (within nations under the thumb of this cabal) and externally (geopolitically between nations), all with the point of maneuvering the world into a centralized totalitarian dictatorship. The NWO controllers like to use a combination of tactics, but the bottom line or common denominator in all of them is the invention of fictional threats and the intentional creation of problems that don’t really exist, or that never needed to have existed. In other words: fear.

However, the crafty way these social engineering tactics manifest is worth studying and becoming acquainted with, so you can protect yourself against the propaganda and subtle deception which so easily takes in the majority of the world population – though hopefully not much longer due to the rising consciousness of humanity.

External Threats: Russia, Iran, and Islamic Terrorism

It has been said many times in many ways that Government needs war to survive and to justify its own existence. The EU has been facing all sorts of crises in the last few years. Many of them have involved secession from the union, which culminated in the Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016, and which may have a domino effect if countries like Denmark or the Netherlands follow suit. However, countries are less likely to secede (and have to handle their own defense) if there’s a big, scary, land-grabbing superpower like Russia close by. The fake Russian threat is also a great way for NATO to expand its territory, by convincing small Eastern European nations that they’d better join for their own sake. The trouble is, there’s no evidence at all that Russia is interested in aggressively expanding its land and attacking Europe. We do know for a fact, however, that CIA-bribed journalists in Germany are paid to write Russophobic propaganda, that NATO is attempting to bring its missiles closer to Russia in line with the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and that the US overthrew Ukraine courtesy of Zionist neocons, US$5 billion dollars and with the subterfuge of Vicky “Fuck the EU” Nuland. Furthermore, according to a recent poll, the people of Crimea, 96% of whom voted in a referendum to join Russia, still overwhelminglystand by their decision to join Russia.

The same goes for the Iranian threat. The mainstream media loves to hype the supposed Iranian threat, as do Israeli sycophants like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But the truth is that Iran is in full compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal it signed with 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, UK, France, Russia and China) plus Germany, as confirmed by the US Ambassador to the UN; and there is no evidence Iran is using nuclear power for weapons, as affirmed by all 16 US military intelligence agencies a few years ago. Meanwhile, Israel continues its official policy of opacity regarding its own arsenal of nuclear weapons, refusing to either confirm or deny their existence – despite the fact that the world has long known of them.

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