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Can Technology Liberate Us From The State?

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Emily Pont

In a society ruled by violent, coercive and oppressive institutions comprised of elite charlatans, loving nothing better than to regulate and collectivize us like cattle, steal from us in the form of taxation, and strip us of our individual liberty, sovereignty and freedom until we are left unwilling pawns in the state’s destruction, it is crucial that we practice resistance. We must rise up against the hand of the state, dismantling the throne of our oppressors.

“We must be individuals practicing non-compliance. We must give them too many pieces to pick up.” – Julia Tourianski, BraveTheWorld

Technology has undoubtedly revolutionised our daily, standard way of life with the development of the Internet opening up digital realms to a world which was once only touched upon in fiction. Limitless information is now instantly available at our fingertips, we can be constantly informed of events occurring across the globe and have the ability to connect with anyone in the world at any given time, in seconds. The revolution of the digital age allowed for the expression of information, ideas and passions on a worldwide scale like we’ve never seen before.

“This is the gift of the digital age, the most spectacular and revolutionary period of change the world has ever known.” – Jeffrey Tucker, A Beautiful Anarchy

However, with all revolutions comes adversaries. In this case, those who will attempt to turn this progress and innovation against the individual. Those who will abuse this technology for the use of repressive regimes. Bending it to their will in order to collectivize and categorize us, contributing to the brutal annihilation of our basic human rights and personal freedom.

These oppressors are government institutions and elite establishments. Operating for this very reason – the eradication of our individual liberty and the expansion of their authority and power. As Edward Snowden revealed in 2013, the NSA, along with many other agencies such as the FBI and the CIA, are conducting mass surveillance programs to collect citizen’s data on a daily basis. Under the PRISM program, service providers – including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and YouTube have allowed the NSA to collect communications data for analysis. This, in turn, allows for compromise and the complete exploitation of our personal information, in the murky hands of corrupt organisations. And this is only one example of the many programs currently in process for the purpose of destroying privacy.

To learn more about Snowden’s revelations, visit EdwardSnowden.com. It is spine chilling to imagine the possibility that at this very moment all of our personal data, that we believed to be secure, can be viewed and recorded by complete strangers. This is the staggering reality. I think Edward Snowden articulates the thought of this for us all, “I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

Although situations are grave, great power is held by crooked establishments and that ‘dirty conversation’ you had last night with your co-worker could currently be the subject of an NSA employee’s entertainment, circumstances are not hopeless. Individuals and groups dedicated to liberating the people and taking back our freedoms are developing the technology to fight back, to resist the force and coercion of the state, and to negate it’s existence within our society. Software and applications resisting government intervention are rapidly being developed…

The development of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology has undeniably evoked strong agitation within government powers regulating conventional currency. Digital currencies hold the capacity to completely undermine central authority’s monetary control. One of the most liberating aspect of cryptocurrencies, with the most prominent being Bitcoin, is the fact that they are decentralized- with no single institution or government controlling their usage and supply. This disengages government institutions from misusing these currency and prevents their intervention within trade. Individuals are in charge of their own money, keys, and wallets. And do not have to worry about their money in the hands of inevitable mismanagement by untrustworthy elites.

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