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World’s Top Scientists Agree Monsanto Herbicide Causes Cancer In Humans

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Top scientists confirm that Monsanto's herbicide causes cancer in humans


A  large number of the world’s top scientists have condemned Monsanto herbicide ‘Roundup’ as being carcinogenic to humans, in an historic ruling. 

The ruling by the International Agency for Research on Cancer officially classified glyphosate (the chemical found in Roundup) as a “probable carcinogen”. reports:

According to senior IARC scientist, Kurt Straif, it means that the world’s top experts on the subject reviewed all existing research into links between glyphosate and cancer before reaching that conclusion.

The only experts who were not involved in the review were those with financial conflicts of interest.

“They concluded that, yes, glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans based on three strings of evidence,” Straif said.

The evidence is clear 

Although some kinds of studies showed a stronger link than others, the overall body of research was clear enough for a picture to emerge.

There is a large body of clear evidence from experiments conducted on lab animals exposed to glyphosate, for example. Evidence is more limited from studies conducted on humans, such as farmers, exposed to glyphosate in real-world settings. These studies still point to a glyphosate-cancer link, however.

Finally, there is strong evidence from laboratory studies that glyphosate causes damage to DNA, which can lead to cancer.

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