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Will Popular Marijuana Strains Become Like Fine Wines?

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Steven Maxwell

I’m a recreational cannabis refugee. I moved to the Pacific Northwest to avoid the potential of being thrown in a cage for smoking a flower that makes my life better.

I’m old enough to remember when good marijuana was rare and called “kine buds.” Kine comes from Hawaiian pigeon speak for “the good kind.” Since Hawaii has had a long love affair with potent pakalolo (crazy smoke), with strains like Maui Waui becoming world famous, kine became universal slang for “the good weed” even for a teenager like me in the 1990s in Connecticut.

Brick weed of unknown origin was much more common in those days. As the legalization of cannabis expands, so does the knowledge of the best strains and their effects. Today brick weed is all but extinct in the United States while genetic strains of cannabis are becoming very sophisticated.

Crowd sourcing experiences may prove more accurate than clinical studies could ever be. Sites like Leafly and others have curated thousands of experiences about how different strains and doses of cannabis affect people. Although marijuana effects seem to be unique for each individual, much like various alcohol drinks are, some common traits are identifiable.

In a previous article, I described the general differences between sativa and indica strains. Sativa has a more energetic, heady and creative effect, while indica is more pain-relieving and sleep-inducing.

cannabis infographic

But like fine wines, there are subtleties to consider.

Some strains are bred to maximize output of flowers with compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary mind-altering ingredient in cannabis. While other strains are bred to limit the THC and emphasize other beneficial compounds to help children cope with debilitating illnesses.Charlotte’s Web is a notable low-THC strain produced to reduce seizures in kids without getting them high.

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