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The School System: The Incarceration of Children

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The Incarceration of Children

Razi Berry Wake Up World

CAFOs, also known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, are confined feedlots in which animals raised for food products are kept in confined prison-like conditions absent of natural vegetation. Here, animals are kept outside of their natural habitat and fed feed they would not eat in nature. The filthy conditions and poor nutrition make for sick animals, so the CAFOs depend heavily on antibiotics which are given prophylactically. Beef and dairy cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens are among the animals in the more than 257,000 AFOS in the United States.

Rather than eat native foods such as grasses, vegetation and insects, they are “fed” mostly genetically modified cropssuch as soy and corn, or cereal based feed made from these crops. Instead of eliminating waste naturally on the land, which acts as fertilizer, the waste is stored in anaerobic “lagoons”. These cesspools of waste emit carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia into the air and leach antibiotics, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals and bacteria into the land. Without going much further in to the devastating science of why CAFOs are bad for human and animal health, and our environment, it is safe to say that animals do best in their natural habitat, living, reproducing, eating and eliminating as nature intended, and that we as omnivores do best when eating food raised in its wild or natural habitat.

There are many ways in which we go against nature and are worse off for it. Our food “system” is one big glow-in-the-dark example of this. We have so tampered with the food cycle that the very natural system to digest our food is affected. Allergies, leaky gut, sibo, Crohns, and IBS are just a few examples of illnesses related to the way we produce our food. CAFOS, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause disease because we have removed the nutrients in our food AND lessened our ability to absorb the nutrients that are left.

I was pondering this and the many other departures from nature we have set upon in the name of science, technology and profit that I have sadly learned about in my last 11 years as a publisher in the natural health space. As a parent, I am concerned for our children, and find a loose, but eerie parallel to the way we not only feed our children, but the way we educate them. We have taken animals out of their natural environment; and we may be doing the same to our children.

Declined Creativity

Children are sicker, more anxious and depressed than ever before. Sadly, in a time of life often referred to as the wonder years, children are less creative and imaginative. In the Creativity Research Journal, Kyung Hee Kim published an article discussing the decline in creativity in children over time. Kim introduces the TTCT, Torrance Tests for Creative Thinking, and explains how scores have steadily decreased since the 1990s. When predicting creative success, Kim found that the TTCT scores predict creative achievement better than any other measures. After comparing yearly TTCT scores starting in 1990, Kim concluded

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    Did you see how stupid had some younglings came out? They need school!!

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