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Is Money the Root Of All Evil or Just the Evil Banksters Who Manipulate It?

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Banksy Money Banker

Catherine J. Frompovich/Waking Times

One of the main issues, which ought to be up front and center in the 2016 election cycle, is that of banks and banksters running and ruining countries and the global economy.

Their money games are trickier than any sleight of hand or magic rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick regarding fiat money they force-feed upon everyone, except those at the top of an elite pyramid they’ve created for themselves at the expense of everyone whom they consider below their supposed ‘elite’ status.

In this writer’s opinion, here’s a perfect example of how many of the elites operate to keep their rigged system not only going—but thriving—and in control, thereby leaving no one to stand up to them, that is, except little Iceland.

Where was Cyprus’s political resolve and starch; how about Greece?  Are elite moneymen/women (Christine LaGarde [8]) trying now to break Great Britain because of Brexit?  Every country should be taking a page out of Iceland’s play book on dealing with banksters:

Instead of doom and gloom, the flip side of Iceland’s drastic action everyone thought would destroy the country is that Iceland rises from the ashes of banking collapse  and is thriving!

However, the article Bankers Make a Mockery of the Law, and No One Goes to Jail exemplifies just what he’s venting about.

Sound familiar?  Perhaps that’s why Hillary Clinton didn’t go to jail; she’s probably too chummy with Wall Street bankers and knows the ropes of the game played in committing money and political indiscretions that doom other unfortunates to pay for them, literally or figuratively, while the real big-time politicians and criminals get off scot-free, a la FBI Director James Comey [7].  However, according to CNN Politics, “The GOP convention’s unofficial slogan: ‘Lock her up’ [1] became a ‘mantra’ of sorts.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot if it REALLY could happen—as that would show the elite controllers that the USA has a part of the male anatomy to do what Iceland did even to a presidential wannabee!  Now that really would be change!

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