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CFR Tells Global Elite: Rise Up Against The Ignorant Population

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CFR member tells global elite to rise up against


A member of the Council on Foreign Relations has urged the world’s elite to “rise up” against the “ignorant masses” of the world in order to continue their New World Order agenda.

CFR member James Traub says that the elite need to ignore the idiotic “mindlessly angry” people of the world, and continue their globalization effort, despite the recent derailment caused by the Brexit vote in the UK. reports:

Concerned that, “Today’s citizen revolt — in the United States, Britain, and Europe — may upend politics as nothing else has in my lifetime,”Traub notes that Brexit was an “utter repudiation of….bankers and economists” and an example of how “extremism has gone mainstream”.

Citing the potential for Trump to split the Republican Party even if he loses and the increasing unpopularity of France’s socialist government, Traub argues that establishment political parties in major western countries must “combine forces to keep out the nationalists”.

“With prospects of flat growth in Europe and minimal income growth in the United States, voters are rebelling against their dismal long-term prospects,” writes Traub. “And globalization means culture as well as economics:

Older people whose familiar world is vanishing beneath a welter of foreign tongues and multicultural celebrations are waving their fists at cosmopolitan elites.”

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