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Prince Was Murdered: Growing Chorus Demands Justice

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Prince Murder update - Dr Conrad Murray is the latest to join the campaign demanding justice for Prince, warning the Purple One's physician that he should brace himself for a tough legal battle.


His body was cremated at the first opportunity the day after his death, and now the results of his autopsy are being held back from the public, weeks overdue.  Prince, the brave, outspoken artist and critic of the New World Order is in danger of being silenced and forgotten.

Dr Conrad Murray is the latest to join the campaign demanding justice forPrince, warning the Purple One’s physician that he should brace himself for a tough legal battle.

I would say he needs an attorney, and a good one, because we have what we call “regular justice” and “celebrity justice,”‘ Murray said.

Murray knows more about the music industry’s hell hounds than most, having been framed for Michael Jackson’s death, spending two years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter before being released early for good behaviour. Meanwhile those who profited from Jackson’s death walked free.

The mainstream media have gone quiet at exactly the time they should be asking questions.  Instead, they are happy to float vague, distracting rumours about Prince into the public domain, and then back away as though their job done.

Why was he cremated the day after he was found suddenly, unexpectedly dead?  Why have the results of the autopsy been delayed for weeks after they were promised?  What are they hiding from us?

In the aftermath of his death a police insider said, “He was definitely murdered, we just have to find out who did it.” Why has the police investigation been hushed up?  Is Dr. Conrad Murray right – have they been instructed to frame Prince’s doctor?

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