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New Company Promises to Spy on Your Facebook Posts for Your Landlord

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facebook landlord spying

James Holbrooks

A new UK startup will “take a deep dive” into the intimate details of people’s private lives by essentially strip-mining data from their social media profiles — and then sell what’s unearthed to just about anybody willing to pay.

Score Assured, as the umbrella company, will offer a suite of services to those desiring a more personal insight into applicants’ lives across a number of different sectors. Tenant Assured, for instance — marketed to landlords — is already up and running. The next program to go live, Recruit Assured, will target employers.

“We’re trying to bring back a level of personal relationship to the digital world so the right judgement can be made for the right reason,” Score Assured co-founder Steve Thornhill told The Verge.

But many immediately spurned the idea when the story was first reported on by the Washington Post, and it’s not difficult to grasp why. Even setting aside the blatant violations of an individual’s basic right to privacy, some are finding fault with the indiscriminate methods these programs use to collate data.

For proprietors enrolled in Tenant Assured, for instance, would-be renters are required — assuming they first consent — to hand unfettered social media access over to potential landlords in the name of transparency with regard to economic status.

The program then dissects applicants’ online social media activity — including conversation threads and even private messaging — using language processing software and other analytics.

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