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We are ‘Fantastically’ Close to an Era of ‘Pre-Crime’ Determined – Reports Yahoo! News

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Chicago police are using an algorithm to detect the likelihood that someone will become the perpetrator or victim of the stubbornly high gun violence that has plagued the city.

The Illinois Institute of Technology has developed software that weighs a variety of factors, such as a person’s arrest history, gang affiliation and social network, to decide whether someone will go on the Strategic Subject List (SSL). Each person is assigned a number from one to 500, with higher scores indicating greater danger.

“There’s about 1,400 individuals that are driving most of Chicago’s violence, and they score in the top numbers of the SSL,” Anthony Guglielmi, director of communications for the Chicago Police Department, said in an interview with Yahoo News.

According to police, it has proven remarkably accurate so far in 2016. The majority of people involved in the city’s violent crime have been on the list: over 70 percent of people arrested for murder, more than 80 percent of people arrested for shootings and more than 74 percent of shooting victims. Furthermore, over 60 percent of murder victims had an SSL score of more than 201.


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  1. Lets hope that all 6 of the “good cops” in the united states starts arresting all the dirty pigs ASAP!!

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