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Study Finds Blood From Vegans Is More Protective Against Cancer

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By now many people are becoming aware of the potential health benefits of adopting a vegan or plant-based diet. These diets in particular have been shown to lower “bad” cholesterol and even reverse symptoms oftype 2 diabetes. That alone is quite impressive, but some studies have shown that a vegan diet is  more protective against cancer than a conventional meat eating one.

This study focused specifically on the blood taken from those eating a vegan diet compared to those eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D). Research showed that this diet fought prostate cancer cells, and that blood coming from those following a Vegan diet was much more effective at stopping cancer cell growth. This was from those who had been following a plant-based diet for at least a year.

As the study states:

Experimental group patients were prescribed an intensive lifestyle program that included a vegan diet supplemented with soy (1 daily serving of tofu plus 58 gm of a fortified soy protein powdered beverage), fish oil (3 gm daily), vitamin E (400 IU daily), selenium (200 mcg daily) and vitamin C (2 gm daily), moderate aerobic exercise (walking 30 minutes 6 days weekly), stress management techniques (gentle yoga based stretching, breathing, meditation, imagery and progressive relaxation for a total of 60 minutes daily) and participation in a 1-hour support group once weekly to enhance adherence to the intervention.10 The diet was predominantly fruits, vege- tables, whole grains (complex carbohydrates), legumes and soy products, low in simple carbohydrates and with approx- imately 10% of calories from fat.11 The diet is intensive but palatable and practical. In earlier studies most patients were able to adhere to this diet for at least 5 years. (source)


More Evidence

Subsequent studies have also been done against breast cancer and the benefits of eating a plant based diet for only two weeks. A dramatic strengthening of cancer defences was observed after only 14 days on a plant-based diet and light exercise that included walking between 30-60 minutes a day.

Blood samples were taken from women with breast cancer, and after that  the women were asked to try out a plant-based diet for 2 weeks and complete 30-60 minutes of light exercise a day. 14 days later their blood was taken again and researchers found that the diet significantly slowed down the growth of cancer and increased the blood’s ability to kill cancer cells.

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