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Prices of These 10 Foods Have Skyrocketed in the Past Year

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Daisy Luther

With the crazy instability of the economy these days, nearly everyone has a frugal grocery budget as they struggle to cut expenses where they can.

Those of us who are strong believers in building a pantry tend to pay particular attention to the variations of the prices of specific foods since we strive to purchase items for our pantry when they are at their lowest points. (You canlearn more about shopping to build a pantry here.) By purchasing food at the lowest price in the cycle, your family can enjoy items at yesterday’s prices while everyone else is paying far more for the same item at today’s prices.

A great way to track the change in food costs is through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each month, the BLS tracks the price variations of commonly purchased food items. Lately, we’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase in the costs of 10 particular foods since this time last year.

The Price of These 10 Foods Has Skyrocketed in the Past Year

Here’s the list of foods that, unless purchased wisely (or better yet,homegrown when possible) could blow your frugal grocery budget.

  1. Strawberries: up 22.1%
  2. Apples: up 16.4%
  3. Lemons: up 15.2%
  4. Grapes: up 13.7%
  5. Tomatoes: up 13.2%
  6. Rice: up 6.1%
  7. Potato Chips: up 5% (no better time than the present to give up nutritionless snacks!)
  8. Peanut Butter: up 4.1%
  9. Frozen Orange Juice:  up 3%
  10. Bacon: up 2.5%

(Hat tip to Money and Career Cheat Sheet)

And if you are particular about where your food comes from, the organic versions of these foods cost even more. (Check out this year’s list of the most pesticide-laden foods at the store – quite a few of them appear on the list of foods with rising prices!) For example, at my local grocery store, organic apples are more than double the price per pound of conventionally grown apples – and I live where apples are grown!

What does this mean in actual dollars and cents?

Well, when you look at the items one by one, it doesn’t seem like a dramatic increase. However, if you look at them by the cart full, or, moreover, during the course of a year, it could really add up.

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