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New World Order Using Climate Change Agenda To Enslave Humanity

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Climate change hoax perpetuated by the New World Order to enslave hunanity


Evidence and facts have emerged regarding what the “extreme austerity measures to combat climate change” that the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Obama administration and other environmental groups want enforced will actually do to the US and world economy.

The New World order and their sock puppets have devised a plan to make the elite richer, while placing a heavy burden on middle and low income earners as part of their sick and twisted master plan to control the human race.

The EPA Chief concedes there will be no climate impact from the climate rule; it’s about ‘reinventing a global economy.’

The impact of these extreme austerity measures on temperatures will be at best 1/100th of a degree. In other words, what these “extreme measures” will accomplish “at best” is a reduced temperature of 0.01C.

Meanwhile the price of electricity will dramatically increase which will affect the lowest income Americans the most, and the global economy will be reinvented making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

When asked how putting such a heavy burden on ordinary Americans is justifiable when the austerity measures won’t make much difference to climate at all, the EPA administrator Gina McCarthy implied that the new austerity regime should not be judged by how “these measures would combat climate change, but would show a strong action by the United States which will supposedly make other larger nations do the same…

Let’s break this down.

Let’s say all of Europe does the same and this will reduce temperatures at best from ALL of Europe by another 0.01C.

Let’s say Russia decides to enforce such “extreme austerity measures as well” reducing temperatures at best by 0.01C

Let’s say that China decides to enforce such “extreme austerity measures as well” reducing temperatures at best by 0.01C

Let’s say ALL of Africa does the same and reduces temperatures at best  by 0.01C

Let’s say ALL of central and south America does the same and they reduce at best temperatures by 0.01C

Australia and New Zealand enforcing such measures would not have such a large impact due to their small populations.

So let’s imagine that Gina McCarthy is right and the rest of the world adopted these “extreme austerity measures”, (which it won’t – Russia, China, India and other have already stated they will not enforce such “extreme austerity measures”) what would happen?

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