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MSM Can’t Understand Why Consumers Want Non-GMO Despite Industry Science

Published on May 21, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment


Brandon Turbeville

The mainstream media seems oddly perplexed.

A few days after a report released by the National Research Councilclaiming to “prove” that GMOs are safe to eat and are harmless, data still shows that customers want non-GMO food and they are doing whatever they can to get it.

Many outlets are now asking the question “why don’t consumers seem to care about the NRC report? Why don’t they seem to care about the ‘science!?!?!?’”

After all, as USA Today reports,

Concern over GMO ingredients has grown in recent years, swept along by local ballot measures that proposed requirements for labeling foods with GMOs. Increasingly, the phrase GMO became part of the question about what’s considered safe, healthy and natural food. Sales of foods labeled as non-GMO have gone from $12.9 billion in 2012 to $21.2 billion in the year ended April 30, according to Nielsen.

And all this in the middle of an economic depression.

Darren Seifer, food and beverage industry analyst at the NPD group has an answer. According to Seifer, the debate is “based on fear, not logic.” Of course, the debate is partly based on fear. Consumers are generally fearful of contracting cancer, chronic illness, and irrevocable environmental destruction. The fact that GMOs pollute and distort the natural environment is well established and the science demonstrating harmful effects to humans is also there despite the need to save pennies to fund it. So Seifer is obviously wrong when he says that anti-GMO activists are illogically fearful. They have a logical basis for their claims and are fearful of legitimate and quite possible outcomes.

But the mainstream media always happy to chalk up criticism of major corporations, banks, GMOs and pharmaceuticals to ignorance and stupidity of the little people who don’t have impressive letters behind their names (always careful to omit the ones that do) is having a hard time rationalizing why these consumers would still fear GMOs after allegedly reputable scientific organizations declare them safe.

To paraphrase another famously imbecilic and frustrated bit of propaganda, mainstream outlets are saying “just eat your damn GMOs!” But it is not science that consumers are so skeptical of. Indeed, after decades of approving GMOs,Vioxx, mercury, BPA and derivatives, American regulatory agencies simply no longer have any credibility in the minds of any thinking American.

Take the infallible NRC as an example. The organization which professes to stand for independent scientific research is instead packed full of industry scientists, GMO promoters and millions of dollars of donations from major biotech companies. In fact, the NRC has been described as having a revolving door of staff directors who move back and forth between the federally chartered organization and Big Ag corporations.

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  1. Shamus Cass Shamus Cass says:

    Key words industry science, everything about that screams out bells and whistles

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