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Microsoft Creates Smart Mirror That Reads Your Emotions, Shows the Weather

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Microsoft has recently presented the company’s latest smart product, a mirror that can read your emotions and display content from the web, including the weather forecast and news.

The so-called Magic Mirror was presented by Microsoft at the InnovFest UnBound 2016 digital technology conference, and as CNBC writes, it can actually greet users, determine their emotions, and show pre-configured data, such as the weather forecast and news from selected feeds.

The camera comes with a built-in camera integrating a facial-recognition system that’s being used to analyze your reactions and to determine emotions, such as anger and happiness. This has an immense potential for marketing, Microsoft says, as advertisers could see users’ reactions when watching their ads.

Watch out, ladies, it can take a photo of your face in the morning

“Imagine on the monitor of the mirror, you’re able to play an advertisement. And you have a camera that can snap a photo of the users that are viewing the advertisement,” Izzat Khair, member of Microsoft Singapore’s developer experience team, is quoted as saying by the aforementioned source.

While having a mirror that takes a photo of your face isn’t the kind of thing that most of us want, especially given the fact that it might simply kill off the idea of privacy, there are also more helpful purposes that this device can serve. One of them is to display weather, news, the Twitter or Facebook feeds when you simply do your makeup or style your hair.

It goes without saying that this project is still in its early days, and the demo presented by Microsoft only shows a prototype, but there’s definitely more room for improvement, and at some point in the future, it could even be pushed to mass production.

In the meantime, you’d better enjoy your privacy because, as technology evolves, more and companies develop new technologies that monitor their surroundings and every move that humans make, and similar products could soon be all around us.

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