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Is Your Heart Being Electromagnetically Distorted by Microwave Radiation?

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Is your Heart being Electromagnetically Distorted by Microwave Radiation

Benjamin Nowland/Wake Up World

The Power of the Heart

Your heart produces an electromagnetic field 5000 times as powerful as that produced by your brain.[1] This field projects from your physical body to contribute to the circumvent field or aura. 60–65 % of heart cells are neural cells connected to the central nervous system and brain and concomitant with the amygdala, thalamus, hippocampus and cortex.[2]

One way the heart communicates with the brain and the rest of the body is ‘energetically’. If the electromagnetic energetics of the heart are altered so are the resultant communication signals. In fact, heart transplant recipients often show a different personality post-operation, literally having a ‘change in heart’.

The metaphysical phenomena of chakras has also been scientifically verified. In one test visible light was generated from the heart chakra. [3]

The heart is a dynamic, non-linear harmonic oscillator.[4] The heart’s pacemaker cells are biological oscillators that generate an electric field. Simultaneously the heart produces a magnetic field which forms a pattern similar to a standard magnet.[5] This electromagnetic field is a constantly shifting spectrum of frequencies with vast amounts of information contained in each frequency. This field is torus shaped (pictured above), just like the energy field of all living organisms, including the cells of our body, plants and the earth. And, as with a holograph, each segment of the heart’s field holds all information for the whole field.[6]


As a non-linear oscillator, the heart is extremely sensitive to disturbance of its dynamic equilibrium. Heart cells entrain (or synchronise) to beat in unison with adjacent cells.[7] Entrainment occurs in-utero and during infancy. The field of an infant is entrained through the mother’s electromagnetic field. This is the basis for the developmental psychology understanding of the impact of the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy and postnatal period. Depending whether a mother experiences protracted fear or love during pregnancy, her electromagnetic field entrains the vibrational energy field of her child accordingly.

However, as adults our unique signature field can also be entrained — see Frustrated Partner Equivalent below. Today, with increased exposure to microwave radiation (especially from wireless communication technology), we are now overlaid with electromagnetic fields at levels often millions of times higher than two decades ago, which is unnaturally distorting our energy field. With thermal effect limits in place that allow microwave power density levels up to the point of cooking flesh, evidence suggests at least 3–5% of us are experiencing serious symptoms of microwave exposure [8] and 35% of us may be experiencing milder symptoms.[9]

So, if for no apparent reason your health is feeling ‘off’, consider whether microwave radiation exposure may be a contributing environmental factor.

Along with radiation power density levels, the shape of radiation is an important factor for human health. Microwave transmissions can be in the form of pulsed modulated linear-synthetic waveforms [on/off rectangles] which are vastly different to the non-linear fields of our body-mind, which are also found throughout Nature. Exposure to these forms of microwave radiation therefore has a disruptive effect on the body and its electromagnetic field. For instance a decade ago when communications technologies transitioned from 2G (GSM) to 3G (UTMS), scientific research suggested that “UMTS is ten times more damaging to the genes than GSM radiation.”[10] Current 4G (LTE) technology was launched prior to any studies on its physical/energetic effects.

“The heart’s field not only permeates every cell in the body but also radiates outside of us… Just as cell phones and radio stations transmit information via an electromagnetic field, recent research has led some scientists to propose that a similar information transfer process occurs via the electromagnetic field produced by the heart… [which] can be measured up to 10 feet away.”[12]

Radiation Pollution Sickness — The Four E’s

Symptoms of radiation pollution sickness — including anxiety, irritability, insomnia and headaches — may all be examined from the perspective of energy field discordance. Again, if you are suffering from these symptoms, consider whether microwave radiation exposure may be a contributing factor.

When it comes to factors that lead to symptoms of radiation pollution sickness (electromagnetic hypersensitivity), I talk about the four E’s:

  1. Empathic factors: A naturally sensitive constitution. (On the flipside sensitivity is a gift.)
  2. Exposure factors: Cumulative chronic and acute episodes ‘add up’ to leave us more susceptible to physical decline.
  3. Environmental factors: Multiple toxicity factors including mould, chemicals and bacterial infections compound the effects of exposure.
  4. Emotional factors: Anxiety, stress and trauma induce the cellular stress response, thus it becomes more difficult for our cells to oxygenate and detoxify the effects of microwave pollution.[11]

Frustrated Partner Equivalent

You are at home and you hear the door opening. Before your partner enters, you know he has had a bad day. Your ‘antennas’ (energy field through the aura and heart especially) picks up his transmission. If your field is weak (low amplitude) it may entrain to the ‘frustration field’ of your partner. Soon the shared field is one of discordance and arguments. I call this phenomenon ‘psychic pollution’. When we pick up the incoherent electromagnetic field of our partner, our emotional state is influenced.

Microwave antenna towers can be considered frustrated partner equivalents. They generate incoherent waveforms at multiple frequencies (overlaying to generate noise). We receive and process these electromagnetic fields in the same way we receive and process (or interact with) the electromagnetic field of our partner.

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