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Kraft Quietly Removed Artificial Food Dyes From Their Mac and Cheese

Published on April 7, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment

kraft mac and cheese

Brandon Turbeville

When most major food corporations are forced to abandon toxic chemicals in their food products, the companies generally try to make as big a deal as possible out of the change so as to take full advantage of the positive public relations that result from it. But when natural health proponents scored another victory in December 2015, Kraft-Heinz didn’t say a word. And clean food activists had no idea the change had taken place. And what one would think would be a major announcement, Kraft-Heinz decided to remove artificial dyes from its Macaroni and Cheese products.

Instead, the product is now colored with anatto, paprika and turmeric.

There was no announcement from the company in regards to the changes. Only the disappearance from the list of food coloring from the ingredients on the box.

The real reason Kraft-Heinz did not announce their changes was simply because they did not want to create the perception that it was changing the texture or appearance of their product. Kraft-Heinz did not want to give consumers the idea that anything was changing with its Macaroni and Cheese.

As a result, consumers continued purchasing the product which suggests that they approve.

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Clearly, it is possible to continue to produce major products in massive amounts without harmful ingredients as Kraft-Heinz has demonstrated.

We encourage the company and all of its competition to take further steps in the same direction.

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  1. No more neon orange cheese??? Hmm, my brand from Aldis has been like that…

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