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Woman Sues Big Pharma After Vaccine Made Her Cat Autistic

Published on March 1, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment

Jane Feathers claims her cat is now autsitic after receiving a vaccine from a vet


An American woman is suing Big Pharma for $2 million after her cat turned autistic as a result of getting a vaccine for the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). 

The vaccination is known to cause temporary side effects such as fever and swelling, and in some instances has caused seizures, but the woman from Cincinnati says she believes her cat has suffered permanent damage as a result of the vaccine.

38-year-old Jane Feathers told reporters, “It took me several weeks to identify the symptoms. There is hardly any literature on autism in animals so I had to figure this out by myself. It is while watching Jenny McCarthy talk about her son’s symptoms on Youtube that I understood why Pickles was so different since he received his shot”.

Feathers says she realized something was wrong when her cat began displaying impaired social skills such as the loss of its ability to meow, and when it started to show signs of chronic repetitive behavior.

From that day on he has been like a ghost. He has that dead-empty glare to his eyes. He can spend hours looking at the wall without flinching. The only thing he practically does is line up his dry food pebbles in a straight line, I’ve never seen him or any other cat do such a strange thing” she said.  “I had also taught him to say his name, but he obviously cannot do that anymore”.

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. I don’t think this helps ppl who have truly suffered from complications that very well could have been caused by vaccines to mock the issue… If u don’t think vaccines r the cause I certainly don’t think it can definitively ruled out…

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