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Top Scholar Says Common Core Math Is Making Our Children Really Dumb

Published on March 13, 2016 by   ·   4 Comments

Common core math is making our children 'dumb'


The President of the National Associated of Scholars has slammed Common Core saying that its program currently implemented in schools across America is deliberately dumbing down our kids, leaving them unprepared for further education and work. 

Parents and teachers alike have already criticised the Common Core States Initiative program, which was started in June 2010 as part of Obama’s Race-To-The-Top (RTTT) program. They say its method of teaching and testing hold back smart students and stifle creativity. reports:

The US federal Government has stated that their goal with Common Core was to make all students “college-and-career-ready”. Sounds great in theory, but Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, thinks that the Common Core program is actually resulting in colleges being flooded with students unprepared to do college level work. He believes that:

“Common Core pretended that it was going to be raising standards, but what it did, in fact, is put enormous pressure on colleges, many of which are now succumbing to that pressure, to lower their standards.”

In other words, the actual effect of Common Core is the further dumbing down of America’s children.

Among other things, with the Common Core program in place, students are guaranteed entry into state college without the need to take any remedial courses, as long as they pass the Common Core standardized tests.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Shamus Cass Shamus Cass says:

    Glad I quit before education escalated

  2. Chad Prier Chad Prier says:

    That’s an overstatement. I got dumber just trying to figure out the “new” way. And I think whoever the douchesnozzle that created this common core bs needs to be taken put back and have some boots pit to them.

  3. Why did they change it?

  4. Well now…….Lets just see them make a calculator that can do, compute and SHOW common core math on its display. Seems they are trying to cause stress in the kids so that they will be able to prescribe them meds. The big Pharms must have come up with Common Core Math.

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