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The Top 10 Most Restrictive, False and Dangerous Religious Beliefs

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The Top 10 Most Restrictive, False and Dangerous Religious Beliefs

 Makia Freeman/Wake Up World

Religion has caused a lot of unnecessary pain to mankind, despite whatever truth and good intentions their followers may hold. Restrictive, false and dangerous religious beliefs abound throughout the world, and dominate the mainstream teachings of organized religion.

Some of these dangerous religious beliefs fool you into thinking you can out-source yourmorality, ethics or spirituality to some external organization. Others prevent you from taking full responsibility for yourself and your actions, thus hindering you from stepping fully into your power. Others goad you into a false sense of security where there is none. All of them limit you and the deeper realization of Who You Are, and all of them stem from the single fundamental delusion of separateness, i.e. that we are discrete and separate beings, that some people are better than others and that there is somewhere better you need to get to. It is an idea based on separateness leads to judgment and exclusion, and can never be as true and powerful as one based on connectedness.

You may think that beliefs are harmless. They can be, but they can also have serious ramifications. Remember Voltaire’s quote: “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” If you can convince people to follow you or your group, and that they will get rewarded in some way by doing this (e.g. get to Heaven, get fame, money, sex, knowledge or power, receive safety and security, etc.), you are well on your way to getting them to commit acts of unconsciousness.

Next comes tests of loyalty: will they lie for you? Will they cover up for you? Will they cheat for you? Will they die or kill for you? Beliefs can have horrible consequences. If you can’t tell truth from lies, you pave the way for corrupt people to seize power and manipulate you with deceptive propaganda. How many people have murdered in the name of God, or committed heinous crimes in the name of religion, all stemming from their dangerous religious beliefs?

All of the following common religious beliefs are disempowering obstacles in the way of true freedom.

Dangerous Religious Beliefs #1: God is on My Side

So many people get stumped on this one, and all sorts of horrendous division, judgement, condemnation, war and bloodshed has occurred over it. It takes on various forms: god is on my side (not yours); my god is better than your god; my god is the correct god (not yours); god will favor and reward me (not you), etc.

Let’s reduce it to the basics. What is God? For most people, it’s their idea of the infinite being, the creator of all. Another way of saying this is that God = All That Is. If we literally insert the phrase “All That Is” into sentences that contain “God”, look at the results we get:

God is on my side => All That Is is on my side

How exactly can All That Is be on your side? How can All That Is have any sides? If it did have sides, how could it not be on all sides at the same time? After all, it includes everything.

My god is better than your god => My All That Is is better than your All That Is

How can you have my or your All That Is? How can you possess All That Is? It’s everything, so it belongs equally to everyone, if it is even able to be possessed. Now, you may have an idea of All That Is, which is your idea to hold onto, but that’s just your idea. It’s your perception or understanding of All That Is. It is not All That Is itself. So again, by inserting All That Is, we reduce the sentence to meaninglessness (reductio ad absurdum as they used to say in Latin).

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