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Japan Unveils First Electric Car That Doesn’t Need A Battery

Published on March 19, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment

Japan Unveils First Electric Car That Doesn't Need A Battery


Japan’s Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp have unveiled what they say is the worlds first electric car that can run without a battery

The new vehicle can only run on electrified roads as it uses special tyres that draw power from the road surface.

RT reports:

The unveiling on Friday was in the form of a test drive in Toyohashi, in the Aichi Prefecture. The small vehicle moved over the electrified surface, which had two rail-like steel paths spaced to match the car’s special tires. The charge is derived from steel wires embedded in them, which serve as a conduit.

The drive lasted for 30 meters at a speed of 10km/h, and, according to Professor Takashi Ohira, as cited by Kyodo: “Acceleration was smooth, and the ride was comfortable.”

Electric cars are beginning to experience a rise in popularity, so it’ll be a while until fair comparisons to their traditional counterparts can truly be made. However, where others currently fail, the Toyohashi/Taisei Corp. vehicle excels: it can drive long distances without the battery expiring, so running out of juice is never an issue.

The downside is, of course, that the new vehicle can only run on special roads – and who knows when that technology will truly takes off worldwide.

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