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ISIS Twitter Accounts Linked To Saudi And British Governments

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Hacktivists, waging a cyber war on social media against ISIS, claim their efforts are being hampered by authorities because the British government and ally Saudi Arabia are the ones responsible for the spread of ISIS propaganda on Twitter.

Russia Insider reports:

ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government

Twitter has blocked users accused of ‘harassing’ accounts linked to ISIS. Meanwhile, hackers have revealed that Twitter handles used by ISIS can be traced back to Saudi Arabia — and the British government. Surprise?

One of the central arguments used by governments looking to restrict internet freedoms and justify total surveillance is that social media and various other internet platforms allow “terrorists” to spread propaganda and incite violence. And of course, the only way to stop this horrible phenomenon — according to conventional wisdom — is to closely regulate speech on the internet, as well as adopt sweeping surveillance policies. Or at least so we’re told.


Which is why many were bewildered by Twitter’s decision to block “hacktivists” accused of “harassing” accounts linked to ISIS and other terrorist groups. The move made headlines earlier this month:

As quickly as ISIS sets up accounts and spreads propaganda, hackers from groups like Anonymous and Ctrl Sec are taking them down in their own online campaign #OpISIS.

The group updates followers, linking to the accounts they have spotted, while calling on other to join them and report Jihadi profiles.

But they have said the social media site is shutting them down.

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