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Germany Bans Pork In Fear Of Muslim Refugees

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German officials have banned the serving of ham and bacon at schools and cafeterias in fear of offending refugees.

Muslims and Jews do not eat pork if they are religiously inclined. The recent influx of refugees escaping wars and economic famine has inundated Germany and Europe. Chancellor Angela Merkel initially welcomed the refugees by giving them a nod and a wink. Now that they have arrived, they seem to reveal themselves to be mostly rapists and economic migrants looking out for their own selfish selves, according to the media.

The German public is getting weary with refugees and escapees of war coming to their lands from alien cultures with Muslim values, according to the media. The refugees in Germany, Denmark and other European countries are now being targeted by local European prejudices and fears.

Without asking for it, the disillusioned refugees who made the long trek to Europe are now being offered pork-free menus in northern Germany, in response to Denmark’s opposite stance of introducing more pork dishes to their menus. Either way, the refugee is being targeted by the respective idiosyncrasies, and is now worried about those fears, on top of all the fears that are associated with war, betrayal, hunger, loneliness and being a refugee.

Thanks Angela for keeping pork on the menu. Maybe a refugee had always harboured a quiet desire for a hot dog and a shandy. Let him enjoy it quietly with his German neighbour. No need for antagonism.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Glen Pinnock Glen Pinnock says:

    This isn’t true…although it wouldn’t suprize me.

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