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European Scientists Say Obama and Trump Are Closely Related To Hitler

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Donald Trump And President Obama Are Related To Hitler, European Researchers Conclude


What do Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump and the Rothschild family all have in common?

It sounds like the beginning of a sick joke, doesn’t it?  But unfortunately it isn’t!

The answer is that these elite members of the world’s most powerful club are closely related members of the same family, according to a scientific study by a Belgian team of geneticists at the University of Brussels.

Proving what Illuminati watchers have known all along – that the world’s most powerful people are conspiring together to control world affairs, masterminding events and planting agents in governments and corporations in order to establish a New World Order – the Belgian genealogical research team were said to be ‘stunned’ by the significance of their findings.

If the links tying the German origins of the Trump family to Hitler’s genealogy were already well known, finding common ancestors between Hitler and Barack Obama as well was definitely a surprise,” said lead researcher Jean-Anthony D’Alsace. “It appears that Obama’s European gene pool is even more closely linked to the Hitler family and the Rothschild dynasty,” he admits, visibly astounded.

Adolf Hitler and the Trump family

Donald Trump’s German origins are well known explains research assistant Thomas Emmanuel-Kantt.

Donald Trump’s grandfather, Fred Trump, who was originally called Friedrich Drumpf and was born in Kallstadt, Germany in 1869, came to America at the age of 16,” he explains. “We have found that Fred Trump’s great-grandmother’s second cousin was married to Alister Huns in 1712, a common ancestor to Adolf Hitler,” he told local reporters.

Obama and Hitler’s genealogy


Even more surprising are the close ties between the United States president and the Hitler family, admits the team of researchers.

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