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On Cue: In the Midst Of Zika Psyop, Mass Media Rolls Out Multiple Norovirus Stories

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Bernie Suarez

Everyone paying attention by now has probably noticed it’s “virus-scare” season. It’s that time of the year when vaccine makers get to market their product to a frightened humanity hoping to be “saved” from scary viruses and diseases while they save themselves from massive profit losses. Consider that without these virus-scare seasons it’s very likely the vaccine industry would be increasingly ignored by the general public as the masses slowly become more educated about natural health cures and nutritional habits to keep your body and immune system strong. Without these virus and disease scares which mark the money-making time of the year for the vaccine industry, they would likely be looking at significant profit losses for the overall year. Don’t forget this is an industry that, like any other industry, relies on money and profit to survive. Therefore, realize first that the winter season is to the vaccine industry what Christmas season is to the department stores. It’s a make-or-break time of the year.

And just as with the 2014 Ebola scare they put together for the general public, once again they are making sure these virus scaremongering stories take a back seat to no other stories, and that they pile on one after another to bombard you with this scare. Can anyone remember ISIS doing anything that was newsworthy during the Ebola scare of 2014? Back then even ISIS seemed to stop their activities to make sure Ebola made headline news for a season and only Ebola. The same is with the current virus bogeyman psyop that the general public is being played with. And instead of mass shooting staged events or a big “ISIS is now in space” story we’re being told to think “virus” and be afraid.

So no one should be surprised that right before the weekend begins we’re being hit with yet another wave of the virus-scare psyop. This time it’s theNorovirus (formerly known as the Norwalk virus) another self-limited, no-big-deal virus that causes gastrointestinal issues before it clears. Nevertheless, in perfect timing and on cue with the current Zika virus psyop the latest virus scare involves 150 people who all contracted Norovirus on a ‘Diamond Princess‘ cruise ship in Australia.

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