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NASA Tapes Reveal Astronauts Heard Unexplained Music On Far Side Of Moon

Published on February 22, 2016 by   ·   5 Comments

NASA tapes reveal astronauts heard mysterious music on the far side of the moon


NASA have released tape recordings that show the crew of an Apollo 10 mission encountering unexplained music-like radio transmissions coming through their headsets when they travelled the far side of the moon. 

In 1969, two months before Apollo 11’s historic landing on the moon, Apollo 10 entered lunar orbit, which included passing across the far side of the moon, when the crew heard “strange, otherworldly music” through their headsets. For the last 40-years, the crew kept this startling revelation a secret until now. reports:

Almost four decades went by before lost recordings emerged that revealed something unsettling that the three Apollo astronauts had experienced while flying above the far side of the moon.

The taped recordings contained “strange, otherworldly music coming through the Apollo module’s radio,” according to the upcoming Science Channel series, “NASA’s Unexplained Files.”

The conversation between the three astronauts indicated they heard sounds like they had never heard before:

“It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music.”

“You hear that? That whistling sound? Whooooooooo!”

“Well, that sure is weird music!”

The unexplained “music” transmission lasted almost an hour, and just before the astronauts regained radio contact with Earth, they discussed whether or not to tell Mission Control what they had experienced:

“It’s unbelievable! You know?”

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  1. Shamus Cass Shamus Cass says:

    Dark side in the moon Ozzy Osbourne

  2. Brain damage for the Dark side of the moon

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